Welcome to SudokuCompanion!

This program (some people call it an app) is mostly intended for those of you who like to solve sudokus found in newspapers and magazines, but think that it is cumbersome to keep all the notes you need in that small space that the paper provides. In SudokuCompanion, you can conveniently enter the clues of the sudoku and then proceed to solve it, without having to use an eraser to remove mistakes in numbers or clues.

SudokuCompanion gives you varying degrees of help in your solving, all of your own choice.

Getting Started

Start the program and start entering the clues. You can do that in two different ways:

Once all the clues have been entered, choose File | Save to save the sudoku to a file name of your choice. When you do that, all entered numbers will be locked and can’t be changed later.

You can now start to solve the sudoku by changing the numbers in the empty squares, until the whole sudoku has been solved.

If you find yourself in trouble, you can always start over with the previously saved version. Of course you can save after you have entered some number, as an intermediary, but remember that all numbers on the board will be locked after a save.

Available Help

Under the Tools menu you can find various types of help in solving the sudoku:

Other Menu Choices

File | New

Clears the board and erases everything. Use only if you have messed up and want to start completely over, or if you want to start a new sudoku.

File | Print

Perhaps you want to solve the sudoku on paper, but don’t want to figure out and write all initial candidates yourself. Well, enter the clues and solve as much as you like, and then you can print it out and continue on paper.

Edit | Copy

Copies the sudoku board to a bitmap that can be pasted in to e.g. Word.

View | Status bar

Show or hide the status bar at the bottom of the window. The status bar shows hints about what various menus does when selecting them without clicking them.

Other Controls

To the right of the sudoku board, there is a timer. In case you want to time your solving effort, click the Start button when you start the solving. If you want to take a break, click the same button again (which now is labeled Stop), and so on. If the timer is running, it will automatically stop when you have entered all numbers of the sudoku correctly.


Please send feedback and suggestions to: sudoku@devcompanion.one

Have fun!!!